1993 Nissan 240SX

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1993 NISSAN 240SX Capacities and Specifications

Refill capacities for engine model KA24E

Fuel tank 15 7/8 gallons
Coolant (with reservoir tank) 7 1/8 quarts
Engine oil without filter 3 3/8 quarts
Engine oil with filter 3 3/4 quarts
Transmission fluid
manual transmission (M/T) 5 1/8 pints
automatic transmission (A/T) 8 3/4 quarts
Differential Carrier (R200) 3 7/8 pints
Power steering system 1.0 quart
Air conditioning refrigerant 2.0 - 2.2 lb


Engine Tune Up Data:
Engine model KA24E
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Idle speed M/T 750 +/- 50 rpm
Idle speed A/T 750 +/- 50 rpm
Ignition timing 15 degree = +/- 2 degree B.T.D.C. at idle speed
Idle "CO" Idle mixture screw is preset and sealed at factory
Valve clearance "hot" Non adjustable
High tension cable resistance less than 30 kilo ohms
Spark Plug Type
standard ZFR5E-11
hot ZFR4E-11
cold ZFR6E-11
gap mm (in) 1.0-1.1 (0.039-0.043)
tightening torque
N-m 20-29
kg-m 2.0-3.0
ft-lb 14-22
Drive belt deflection (cold) all belt measurements in millimeters with
inches in parenthesis
alternator 11 (0.43) limit
deflection after adjustment 7-8 (0.28-0.31)
deflection of new belt 6-7 ( 0.24-0.28)


Air conditioner compressor
limit 12 (0.47)
deflection after adjustment 7-8 (0.28-0.31)
deflection of new belt 6-7 ( 0.24-0.28)

Power steering pump
limit 13 (0.51)
deflection after adjustment 8-9 ( 0.31- 0.35)
deflection of new belt 7-8 (0.28- 0.31)

Applied pressed force N (kg, lb) 98 (10, 22)

Oil pan tightening torque
N-m 29-39
kg-m 3.0-4.0
ft-lb 22-29

Clutch pedal height mm (in) 18-196 ( 7.32- 7.72)
Clutch pedal free play mm (in) 1-3 ( 0.04- 0.12)

Front wheel alignment (unladen) fuel, radiator and engine oil full with
spare tire, jack, and tools.

camber -1 degree 30' to 0 degree
caster 6 degree 00' to 7 degree 30'
toe in mm (in) 0.3 - 2.3 (0.012 - 0.091)
toe in degree 2' - 13' ( total toe in angle)
Full turns inner wheel 39 degree - 43 degree
Full turns outer wheel 33 degree

Rear wheel alignment (unladen) as above
camber -1 degree 30' to -0 degree 36'
toe in mm (in) 0.5- 4.5 (0.020- 0.177)
toe in degree 3' - 25' (total toe in angle)

pad repair limit mm (in) 2.0 ( 0.079)
front rotor thickness limit 18.0 (0.709) mm (in)
rear rotor thickness limit 8.0 (0.315) mm (in)
pedal free height M/T 177- 187 (6.97 - 7.36) mm (in)
pedal free height A/T 186- 196 (7.32 - 7.72) mm (in)
parking brake # of notches 6-8

Engine Compression in PSI
standard 192 @ 300rpm
minimum 142 @ 300 rpm
difference limit between cylinders 14 @ 300rpm

Thermostat inspection
valve opening temperature 170 degree fahrenheit
maximum valve lift 0.31 inches @ 194 degree fahrenheit

Oil pressure check
idle speed at 3000 rpm no load 60-70 PSI

Radiator cap relief pressure 11-14 psi
leakage test pressure 14 psi

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